Thursday, 6 September 2012

Stewart Wolmark in a rainy night

One rainy night, Zevi Stewart Wolmark and I were driving along a highway. That long highway becomes very lonely in night. I was a bit nervous and frightened to see the loneliness of the way. Suddenly, a man with hunched shoulders came in front of our car. The man was tall with a full beard that really scared me. We both were alarmed to see him. He was just trying to stop the car.     

I said Stewart Wolmark to not to stop the car. “We should look into the matter,” he replied and stopped the car to listen to the problem of that man. As he stopped the car, the man came to Wolmark. We could see the sadness and despair in his eyes. Stewart backed up and unlocked the door of the car. I was praying to be everything all right. That man told us that his car had got stuck in the mud. He had been asking for the lift for everyone but no one stopped for him. He was completely drenched. He was shivering from high fever. We could see his helplessness. He took him into the car and headed it to the hospital. 

This incident made me respect Zevi more!   

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Zevi Stewart Wolmark, a person I was looking for a long

Really Stewart Wolmark is a man I was looking for a long, who helps me in taking every financial decision without any own interest.     

Six years back, I have come to settle in Los Angeles to establish a new business. When I came here, I began to search for a progressive and reliable financial advisor. I was looking for a person who provides me with valuable advice on various financial issues both personally and within my business activities. I was searching for someone with whom I can work comfortably.    

After a long market research, my search had come to an end with Zevi Stewart Wolmark. As I met him, I understood that I could trust him and his advice. Since last 5 years, he has been advising me on my financial affairs. I am impressed with his unbelievable knowledge of the financial sector along with an affable personality. His understanding of financial markets and income management is truly amazing. I really appreciate his ability to articulate complex financial procedures to simpler level so that I can understand them. I feel that I can completely trust him without a second thought. His trustworthy, friendly and sensitive nature not only makes him my financial advisor but also a member of my family. 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Zevi Stewart Wolmark! Who is he?

Zevi Stewart Wolmark! Who is he?” I asked to one of my neighbors after relocating to a new place with my family.

Some months ago, I got promotion and a fully furnished house from my office. I have just shifted in my new home 2 months back with my wife and kids. Whenever I walk down to my job on the main street, I see a big house at the end of the street. I see the owner of the house daily. Sometimes, I see him looking out in the garden watching kids playing. Sometimes, he is planting, roaming here & there and taking fresh breath in his garden. Sometimes, he is talking to his wife and kid on terrace.

He has a very impressive personality that always attracts me. I always wanted to talk to him. But as everyone knows in this city strangers are not to be approached more intimately. Hence, I just pass him daily.

As usual, one day, I was coming out of my house to go to office. As I came to the main street, I saw that man. He was helping a lady, who just got an accident on the street. I did not waste a minute and rush to that man to help him taking that lady to the nearby hospital. I saw a helpful and kind heart covered in the amazing personality. On the way, he said a single sentence to me and that was, “Thanks for helping this poor lady.”

I asked him whether he knew that lady. He replied, “No.”

Just from this one line sentence, I understood that I was not wrong about this person. I was quite right about his helping, honest and broad minded nature. After admitting that lady to the hospital, we both left to our way.

Although I see him every day, as I did before. But today, I know him. He is “Stewart Wolmark".

Monday, 20 August 2012

Report on Wolmark Stewart

Stewart Wolmark, in Los Angeles Private Jewish School, has been seeing me once a week for educational support. We have been working with Stewart since December, when he asked to be included in our support group within the classroom. This shows a maturity and self-awareness we rarely see in boys this age.
Stewart Wolmark is a talkative, friendly, and curious student. He has a lot going on in his world, and always has something he is busy thinking about, learning about, or doing! On days that he is focused, he accomplishes a lot. He understands concepts, completes assignments, and thanks me before he leaves!  What a gentleman!
            StewartWolmark is missing a lot of basic Hebrew skills and vocabulary. Over the last semester, Rabbi Ploni has been working on building a shoresh root vocabulary with the boys He also has worked on recognizing basic prefixes and suffixes. Stewart's ability to translate a pasuk and general Hebrew has really improved.
However, he still needs to be more proficient at manipulating a shoresh and prefixes/suffixes to succeed in fourth grade. He also needs to become more accurate at his Hebrew reading. As of now, he manages to read accurately only when he is forced to slow down and break down each word into syllables. Stewart has succeeded with a little "window" in a blank index card to break down words for him, but when he is confronted with the whole page, he compensates for his inaccuracy by using his sight word skills. Unfortuantely his Hebrew vocabulary is very limited so the words he guesses by looking at their form are usually the wrong words.
            Over the summer, I recommend concentrating on the skills most crucial to smooth Stewart’s transition into fourth grade: Hebrew verbs (shorashim), prefixes, suffixes, pronouns, and answering simple and specific questions about a short text. Learning with a professional tutor would be the best way to give Stewart the skills and knowledge he needs. You may also call Rabbi Almoni and ask him for resources and for his ideas on what areas are the most crucial for Stewart to progress in over the summer.
I enjoyed working with StewartWolmark. He is quick, cute and creative.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Who is stewart Wolmark?

Who is StewartWolmark? I walk down his block every day, on my way to my job on the main street that intersects the area. He once introduced himself when I caught a ball that was rolling down his driveway and returned it to the kids playing on his lawn.
I see StewartWolmark every day, in a lot of positions. Sometimes he is seeing kids out of the house. Sometimes he is just standing outside, getting a breath of fresh air. Sometimes he is weeding the garden. At times, he is washing his car. Sometimes he is leaving the house with his wife.
I see his family sometimes. StewartWolmark has a wife and kids, I haven't really kept track of how many precisely. Like the Train Conductor, I pass and wave and notice and get sort of attached to the people tht have become a part of my morning routine.
Who is StewartWolmark? He is a pleasant part of my life, yet I do not know him and he does not know me. How many of us really know each other anyway? Like stars in orbit, we pass each other again and again but never touch. Our paths never cross. We live in a parallel life road, glimpsing the other every now and then yet not connected.
IT's sad, this urban life. In another place, in another time, StewartWolmark and myself may have been friends. We could have formed a connection that would allow us to support and help each other. StewartWolmark could have improved my life in countless ways, and I his. But the city allows just for a wave and a glimpse. Strangers are not to be approached more intimately. I wonder sometimes why some strangers turn into acquaintances. We pick and choose by setting, place, time- and in some cases, we choose the wrong stranger and are wounded. In another setting, we'd know not just the stranger, we'd also know his entire family and background. We'd be able to ask his grandmother about him. Or notice that all his siblings are nasty people.
Although I see StewartWolmark every day, I do not know him and he does not know me. Our lives lay parallel, never to meet.